Who are we?

The story...


Ladybird Import Export is born after a logical way of life.


After studied 6 years the Transport, and done several periods of Transport work experience in Jersey, where I met really exceptional Jersey people, who after 25 years, are still very good friends, I learned to appreciate Jersey and the Channel Islands, by participating to some big events such as Itex Walk – Walk Around The Island in Jersey and Guernesey ; some Christmas Ball ; celebration of the Queen Elizabeth birthday party in the garden of the Governor house in Jersey, etc.


I worked 20 years in Transport and Logistique, and I decided in 2016, to move and boost my Professional carrer.
I went back to school for a year study, and passed a degree in Logistic, called « Conception et Pilotage de la Chaîne Logistique Globale » in Saint Malo University.


Which brings me to studied the exchange between France and the Channel Islands, especially Jersey, and to realize it was possible to propose a service between our lands.